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Project title: Lupane State University Photography Programme in collaboration with the Market Photo Workshop.

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The Market Photo Workshop in partnership with the Lupane State University, hosted the Lupane State University Photography Programme 2019. The 2 weeks programme of workshops and masterclasses aimed to support and prepare participants for the creative, conceptual, technical and professional demands of photographic practice. The programme was held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe at the Lupane State University campus. In an interview, Lupane State University lecturer Dr Nkululeko Sibanda said the programme aimed to capacitate photographers to catch up with the modern trend in the area of photography. “This programme will enable photographers to realise their weaknesses and strengths as tasks will be given for them to balance their work as this training targets the already practising photographers,” said Dr Sibanda. The Market Photo Workshop trainers provide the participants with the structure and support necessary to develop independent and self-motivated bodies of photographic work. “As the Market Photo Workshop we are trying to assist in nurturingphotographers from Zimbabwe to be technically competent and capable of bringing critical thought to photography and society at large,” said the Bekie Ntini, the Manager for Training and Public Engagement Programming. Mr Ntini said the Market Photo Workshop expects to benefit from the partnership with the Lupane State University through the launch of a 1-year Photography Diploma study at the Lupane State University. Meanwhile, the participants of the programme have praised the workshops and masterclasses as life changing. Luke Ngwena shared his experience by calling the programme “the most challenging, highly participatory and most fruitful training I ever attended.” Ngwena called on the Market Photo Workshop and the Lupane State University to hold more such programmes in the future.
Participants in the programme: Andile Ntuta Bianca Mkwanazi Daniel Mlauzi Ernet Sibanda Gerald Mhuri KB Mpofu Kelvin Mabugu Lucky Sithole Luke Ngwena Mgcini Nyoni SaDee Mhondiwa Mhepo Tendai Marima Unuity Ncube Witness Tavarwisa

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