The Market Photo Workshop, Buyaphi University and Funda UJabule conducted the Ufudu Olukhulumayo Sexuality and Gender-Based Non-violence Project with 25 community youth of Klipspruit/ Pimville. The project was a multi-disciplinary visual art programme with multi-layered agenda including activities in the form of photography training, discussions, exhibition, music and zines production that sought to respond to sexuality and gender-based non-violence matters arising from the contemporary social context of Klipspruit/ Pimville.

The project forms part of an annual curatorial thematic at the Market Photo Workshop that focuses on questions of gender and sexuality, presented in partnership with the Open Society Foundation for South Africa.

Roses and Poses_ a confidence building photography project for girls.

Girls in disenfranchised areas have been seen to struggle with confidence due to their environment and the people in their lives. With a rise in drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution and teenage pregnancy more young girls are falling prey to these social ills. This project is structured to allow girls to express themselves and gain confidence through using photography as a tool. Through photography they can engage with their environment and build their confidence through working with their community. With the programs planned within the workshop, girls will learn alternate ways to finding themselves and learning a new skill.

Roses and Poses is a confidence building participatory photography workshop for girls. The workshop is set to run at Market Photo Workshop working with a group of 15-20 girls between the ages of 12 and 15 years old.  The workshop is designed and structured according to the needs of those who will be participating, the resources available and the logistics on the ground.

The participants took part in two workshops spread over two weeks with written assignments as well as photographic assignment. The photographic assignment required the participants to photograph at least 10 women they have never met to encourage them to be confident into speaking and engaging with new people. The images were presented in a final critique session and their experiences became part of the conversation.