Angela Hondo

Street Hustling

Unemployment in this country has always been a major problem affecting the vast majority of the South African population.
In my neighborhood and the surrounding areas, most young people when they finish school they find themselves faced with unemployment, and lack of funds to further their education. It is visible, through the activities that these young people do, during the day and night.

I chose to document informal traders and people who own small business to show people who will see my work, the possibility and advantages of using things around you. You will see through my images that I have people who sell sweets in the streets,

Taxi ranks, a tailor, young guys whosell both cigarettes and fruits.

I want when an unemployed person looks at these pictures that I have captured to have hope and to also have an idea of starting something small that will help them to survive in this country as the country is facing shortage of employment. Many people are try to make a leaving doing different street Hustling by selling different things like fruits, sweets, drinks cigarette’s others are doing sex work, People are trying to put food on the table for their families.

I through it wasn’t easy to capture these moments, I am happy with the people who allowed me to take their pictures so that their pictures will be visible evidence that we can do something as the people to reduce unemployment in this country.