Intra Continental Photographic Collaboration Project

About Market Photo Workshop

The Market Photo Workshop is a Johannesburg-based school of photography, gallery and resource centre for practicing photographers. Since its establishment in 1989, the school has played an integral role in the training and growth of photographers from South Africa and further afield, while promoting photography through exhibitions, public debates and collaborative projects, especially within marginalized communities. The Market Photo Workshop is a division of The Market Theatre Foundation. Market Photo Workshop is the recipient of The Principal Prince Claus Award 2018.

The Market Photo Workshop, Centre for Visual Storytelling and Seeds of Promise and the Alex Theatre Company and Academy are pleased to collaborate on the Intra Continental Photographic Collaboration Project

 with 20 community youth in Lilongwe Malawi and in Alex South Africa. The intention behind this collaboration is to enable access for the Youth  to participate and engage from a photographic and visual literacy perspective across two different African countries – Malawi and South Africa.

The aim behind this collaboration is to allow the participants to expand their perspectives in a way which allows them to interact with each other virtually – and possibly even an exchange programme. The running of this collaboration will be set up in a manner in which both the groups – Alex Theatre and Academy

(Youth) as well as the Centre for Visual Storytelling and Seeds of Promise (Youth) – will embark on a parallel practice of methodology, which will consist of a lot of virtual facilitation between the two institutions, assisted by facilitators from the Market Photo Workshop. The Centre for Visual Storytelling and Seeds of Promise is currently equipped with cameras and has the capacity to host these participants on their premises – in the event the pandemic subsides and allows physical contact. Alex Theatre company and Academy is equally equipped with the space of the school’s premises to also hold virtual engagements with the latter.

The collaboration is aimed at supporting and preparing youth, based in Malawi and South Africa, for the creative, conceptual, technical and professional demands of photographic practice.  The project will provide the participants with the structure and support necessary to develop independent and self-motivated bodies of photographic work.

The Training and Public Engagement Programming unit of the Market Photo Workshop will administer the Intra Continental Photographic Collaboration project.

The Project duration is 2 months.

  • The Alex. phase of the Project will commence on 17 – 23 AUGUST 2022: Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • The Lilongwe phase will begin on 01 29 August – 03 September 2022: Lilongwe, Malawi 2022.

About the Facilitator: Angela Jimu

Angela Jimu is a storyteller who uses text and images to tell stories of everyday people. She trained as a Journalist in Zimbabwe before training as a Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer in South Africa at the Market Photo Workshop. She has worked as a Photojournalist and has also written on many social issues, including social justice issues. Angela is a Chevening Scholarship alumna who holds a Master of Arts in Media Management from the University of Westminster, England. She is a co-founder of Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers which gives platform to female photographers, under which she has exhibited in several exhibitions in Zimbabwe, South Africa and France. She is also co-founder of Centre for Visual Storytelling in Malawi.

About the Photography Facilitator: Thandile Zwelibanzi

Thandile Zwelibanzi born 1987 in Eastern Cape, South Africa and is currently based in Johannesburg. Zwelibanzi  is the Sixth recipient of Edward Ruiz Mentorship at the Market Photo Workshop. His body of work, produced as part of the Edward Ruiz Mentorship, has been exhibited extensively, including at the 9th Rencontres de Bamako African Biennial in Mali. In 2010 he was invited to the Salzburg Residency at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Austria. In 2014 he participated in MMCA Residency Changlong and UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries Artists Programme in South Korea. In 2018 Zwelibanzi studied fine arts honours program through the University of Witwatersrand and is also a Wits 2018 recipient of Tierney Fellowship programme. Zwelibanzi has been training  photography courses at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg to date.

About Us Centre for Visual Storytelling

Centre for Visual Storytelling is a non-profit organisation registered and operating from its headquarters in Lilongwe. The organisation was established in 2022 after noting that there was a gap in the work of visual storytellers who often engage in disparate activities, without collaborating to improve and expand the reach of their work.

Mission: to promote dialogue, learning and social change through contemporary visual literacy and visual storytelling, by providing space, a platform and availing opportunities for visual storytellers.

Vision: to be a centre of visual literacy and storytelling excellence in Malawi.

About Alex Arts Academy

Alex Arts Academy was founded in 2018 by leading industry practitioner, Mpho J. Molepo, who partnered with various practitioners in the creative industries. One of the greatest feats about this partnership is that all the stakeholders came from Alexandra and have been exposed to both formal and informal educational programmes in their respective journeys in the arts. The intention behind establishing the Academy lies on the bedrock of being inherently concerned with giving back to the community of Alexandra and creating a centre of excellence, while bridging the gap between formal and informal creative training programmes.

The Academy has a team of highly-qualified, well-travelled, versatile, experienced, and award-winning educators, drama facilitators, performers, directors, actors, writers, producers and arts managers, respectively.