Synos Mwathunga

My project focused on two things.


  1. What Youths are doing to earn a living


The man on the bicycle is Jonathan. He runs a bicycle taxi to earn a living. Through his business, he is able to feed his family, send his two children to school and pay his rentals monthly.


Blandina, Ruth, Sarah and Fortune are upcoming tailors and fashion designers. They are making money through designing and sewing and helping sustain their families.


Patrick and his younger brother Patwel are from Burundi and they are running a salon business. They are sustaining themselves and are able to pay rentals through the business.


  1. What people do when they feel stressed or discouraged


Every person faces stress and discouragement at some point in life. However, what matters is how they deal with the stress.  Mr Mpinganjira, Mr Phiri and Mr Mwathunga they always come together to play a game called back, which involves sharing ideas.