Blandina Maulid

Shirah is seen washing the dishes using two buckets.

A woman is seen carrying a basin of water on her head.

Mike is owner of a barber shop and is here seen washing towels used in his shop.

Mrs. Makwinga is businesswoman who sells confectionary to support her family.

Here she is seen sweeping her yard as she believes in keeping her place clean.

Faith is seen drawing water to bath as she prepares to go to school.

Children are seen playing in Kasengele village. Judith and Mary are seen inside the circle, as others clap hands, while Pemphero starts preaching.

Men are seen playing a traditional game called Bawo in Kasengele village.

Seeds of Promise is an organisation that trains youth in tailoring and fashion and designing.

A chicken is seen using a ladder to go for feeding.

A woman is seen preparing maize before taking it to the mill to be ground into maize flour which is used to make nsima (thick porridge) a staple food.

Bicycles (Kabaza) are the most common mode of transport in Malawi as it is cheaper than taxis.

Ethel is seen drawing water from a well to use in her house as she does not have access to tap water.