Essie Kaiua

Esnart Kalua is a journalist passionate about telling untold environmental stories. She is based in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The project focuses on poor waste disposal in Lilongwe around the Lilongwe bridge, which connects Lizulu fruit and vegetable market and Tsoka flea market. For the pictures it showing the actual dumping site and other spots which market users introduced as a dumping site.

People dispose of their waste into Lilongwe river and when the rainy season comes, the garbage is washed up and blocks drainage systems. The poor drainage system in the city also causes flash floods during the rainy season, disrupting business in the markets. 

The metal bins that had been placed in the markets by Lilongwe City Council, were stolen, and only one skip bin is available for use. However, it is inadequate to contain all the waste hence people end up disposing of the waste into the river.

City Councils in Malawi provide waste bins in all markets, however they struggle to collect the waste as a result of the continued population explosion in these places.