Eunice Liwewe

The way of life in a community (Take a picture)

The project focuses on people’s daily lives as they earn a living in Lilongwe, Malawi. I also focused on the disused railway line close to my home that is expected to be rehabilitated.

Many people in my community are involved in small- scale business. Brenda, a young lady in my community, often buys (Zitumbuwa) bread made from a mixture of maize flour, bananas, baking soda, salt others use Soya flour, salt and sugar, on her way to school. Brenda also cooks before she goes to school.

Nearby, there, there is a tarmac road where many mechanics have set up garages and earn a living, fixing cars.  James and His friends are some of the mechanics with garages along the road.

Anne has a garden just in front of her house. She draws water from a well in her compound to water the garden.