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13 Jul 2020


Ho tshepa ntshepedi ya bontshepe. RECLAMATIONS begins and ends. The first image in the sequence is of a child body, dressed in pink. The last image is of child who stands inside a yellow room

19 May 2020


‘PHOTOGRAPHING TAVERNS’: THE Q & A THEMBINKOSI HLATSWAYO & RUTH MOTAU[spacer height=”40px”] Thembinkosi Hlatswayo (b.1993) and Ruth Motau (b.1968) pose questions to one another about their respective experiences as photographers who developed work within ‘tavern’ or ‘shebeen’ contexts. Motau is a veteran South African photojournalist, who as a woman during […]

12 May 2020

A Piece of the Ground

A Piece of Ground is a complication of South African music inspired by Thembinkosi Hlatshwayo’s Slaghuis II.   The selection resonates like a vision of bodies and spirits gathered in the same room, sometimes at odds with each other, yet always held by a shared wound. Assembled at the Slaghuis, the […]

11 May 2020

Slaghuis II: A Sonic Debrief

Slaghuis II: A Sonic Debrief, is a conversation that highlights sound as a motif. Mosa Anita Kaiser, a content generator for Photoform Africa converses with Thembinkosi Hlatshwayo on the intimate stories and memories that inform ‘Slaghuis’. [spacer height=”1px”] In addition this audio features the full length performance of Slaghuis II: […]

04 May 2020

Slaghuis II; Performing the artist Statement.

Slaghuis II; Performing the artist statement.  Slaghuis II, the exhibition, features a statement from Thembinkosi Hlatshwayo, which narrates a scene, perhaps a dream–possibly a nightmare–that occurs before his eyes. Hlatshwayo shared the text with Market Theatre Laboratory alumni, Chris Djuma who adapted the text and performed it at the first Slaguis II public walkabout […]

22 Apr 2020

SLAGHUIS II: The Installation

SLAGHUIS II: The Installation Thembinkosi Hlatshwayo’s debut solo exhibition, Slaghuis II opened on 28 February at the Photo Workshop Gallery. During the few weeks of February, the gallery was transformed with dark colour and by subdued light, to conceive a space ready to hold the body of work created over […]

17 Jan 2020

Spotlight: Nelisiwe Nkosi APP 2019 Graduate FULL INTERVIEW

Nelisiwe Nkosi first joined The Market Photo Workshop for the Foundation Course in Photography (FC) in 2017, she then followed through to the Intermediate Course in Photography (IC) and then went on to complete the Advanced Photography Programme (APP) in 2019. She produced her body of work ‘Break Even’ during […]