Charity Radebe a self-taught photography from Ennerdale, she is an experienced videographer. In 2019 Radebe registered her NPO, Bopang, with the aim to improve the lives of those who are less privileged. Her love for photography grew as a result of her studies into the socioeconomic challenges that some areas of Rustenburg experience in the North West Province. Radebe is passionate about creating a platform for those who have limited resources that could assist them to voice out their concerns. She intends on growing as a photographer by honing her skills. Radebe believes photography is a potent enough medium to assist share the untold stories of those who are in need and to raise awareness about the problems people, especially young people, face.


I had an opportunity to work with Gogo Thandeka Ntisana, who practices as a prophet and a sangoma, which I also believed to be impossible. I discovered that ignorance might readily result from a lack of knowledge. Christians, in my understanding, hold that one cannot be a devout follower of Christ and still appease one’s ancestors, but after spending time with Gogo Thandeka, I came to understand that, given that your ancestors were once your grandparents and other family members that you once knew and loved, acknowledging them has no negative connotations. Gogo burns a white candle and says a prayer before lighting her incense (impepho) to connect and converse with her ancestors, or ukuphahla as she calls them. She would occasionally fast as well, demonstrating the similarities between the two activities. In addition to lighting candles and observing fasts on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, Catholic churches also burn incense during entrance processions and burial ceremonies. In the end, regardless of how they go about it, they pray, acknowledge the same God, and seek purpose and serenity.