Class of 2021

Mpho Makhetha


Mpho Makhetha is a black female South African storyteller and documentary photographer. She was born in Swaziland and is now based in Pretoria, South Africa. Her earliest venture into storytelling came via poetry and song writing throughout primary and high school.

Her paternal family’s involvement in South African liberation politics led to her living in 2 vastly different countries throughout her childhood. Her photographic inspiration stems from all of the diverse cultures and experiences that she was exposed to in her upbringing.

Her love for storytelling has led her to pursue a career in Communication in the South African Air Force, where she writes on the air force's use of its inventory and capability to serve the country and continent, to internal and external publics.

Her Documentary work explores themes of migration, spirituality, social activism and the representation of the black female body, throughout history. Her goal as a photographer is to create a visual journey of her daily observations and lessons.

Her passion for helping brands that take positive action towards economic change in South Africa has led to her establishing a Mobile Magazine which she uses to market SA brands in order to encourage a solutions-oriented approach in this generation.