Class of 2021

Tshiwela Ramaphala


Tshiwela Ramaphala (b. 1988) is a Photographer, a Communication Officer specialising in Media Liaison in the South African Air Force and also an autodidact Interior Designer from Makhado in the Limpopo Province. She is currently based in Pretoria.

Tshiwela is presently enrolled in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Program at the Market Photo Workshop. Her main interest is capturing images of social-economic disparities, the effects of youth unemployment and the struggles of illegal foreign nationals in South Africa. She aims to bring awareness around these issues.

She is passionate about financial literacy and positive development in humanity and hopes her images provoke emotions for social change, human justice and equality. She holds a B.A. degree in Communication Science obtained from the University of South Africa, certificates in Protocol Communication and Business Management from the Tshwane University of Technology and other various qualifications obtained in the South African Air Force throughout her career.

“The viewfinder has provoked emotions that have been buried for financial change and education as a 19 year old when I arrived in Pretoria. It has assisted myself to not only heal from those emotions but, to understand the daily struggles of individuals in the city no matter where they originate from, this time as an observer”.