Class of 2021

Thlalefi Maditsi


Thlalefi Maditsi was born in Polokwane and raised in Johannesburg. She is working on redeveloping her artistry with photography as a visual medium of choice.

It has taken Thlalefi her whole life to concede to art. Tracing her steps from an APP (Advanced Programme in Photography) student at the Market Photo Workshop, all the way back to a young girl in grade 4 when she was part of a group exhibition at the Johannesburg Art Gallery with her extra mural class. Thlalefi doesn't quite recall how or when she blocked the relationship with her artistry and even though she’s always found herself surrounded by artists she persistently denied her gift.

Since acknowledging her calling to be more than a consumer of art but a contributor as well Thlalefi has enrolled at the Market Photo Workshop where she completed the Foundation Course in Photography in 2019 and the Intermediate Course in Photography in 2020. Thlalefi is currently enrolled in the Advanced Programme in Photography at the same institution.

Thlalefi has engaged with Buyaphi University a space where learning by sharing by ho bontsana has contributed to her visual practise. Thlalefi is featured in a Culture Review article: Soothsayers and masters of perfect timing, 2021-01-28.

Her work is centred around observation; asking us to look at what we've created and allowed into existence as a means to understanding ourselves. She is interested in the human spirit and what it looks like to be resilient and the fruit that a willingness to survive produces, both past and present as it informs the future.