Class of 2021

Thato Koalepe


Thato Koalepe is a young, gifted, versatile black women, who grew up in Alexandra Township North of Johannesburg. Limited resources drove her to be who she is today, seeking opportunities which contributed to what she is today.

Thato is currently employed in the South African Airforce, Corporate Communication and currently a student at the Market Photo Workshop. She is passionate about documenting the world around her, paying attention to the lives and times of people around her. Her work aims to capture many untold stories that can be narrated visually showcasing both stories about her organisation and personal life which are taboo.

She is fascinated by beautiful spaces, which leads her to venturing into architectural photography and travelling the world, capturing moments of the unseen with a naked eye. Thato is inspired by different cultures and their uniqueness around the globe. She is a South African born citizen who is a vibrant go getter to what life throws at her.