A Forgotten Community is an exhibition by 9 Riverlea Media and Advocacy Mentorship Programme participants. It highlights a community of artists, miners, landscapes, families, friends, every daily, dirty plates and pots – and makes a call for a forgotten community to be noticed, supported and connected.

The Riverlea Media and Advocacy Mentorship Programme created an ideal space for the 9 participants to develop a rounded artistic practice. The mentorship provideded the participants with the necessary resources to support the research, self-directed learning in the growth of photographic and mobile journalism bodies of work through collaborating with mentors and a photographic arts and journalism community that now has global reach. The Riverlea Media and Advocacy Mentorship Programme activities were centred around skills development, vocational training, and empowering strategies to encourage greater participation which ensured that the participants are able to critically engage with pertinent social issues through photography and media.

The Riverlea Media and Advocacy Mentorship Programme and the exhibition A Forgotten Community is supported by a grant from the Barloworld Empowerment Foundation.


About Market Photo Workshop

The Market Photo Workshop is a Johannesburg-based school of photography, gallery and resource centre for practicing photographers. Since its establishment in 1989, the school has played an integral role in the training and growth of photographers from South Africa and further afield, while promoting photography through exhibitions, public debates and collaborative projects, especially within marginalized communities. The Market Photo Workshop is a division of The Market Theatre Foundation. Market Photo Workshop is the recipient of The Principal Prince Claus Award 2018.

About Barloworld Empowerment Foundation

A pioneering advocate and partner that empowers communities. BWEF seeks to turn the traditional change model on its head by reframing the power dynamic in favour of change beneficiaries within the communities we serve, to empower them to play an active role in leading transformational change that results in sustainable impact that can stand the test of time and inspire for generations to come. We can’t wait to introduce you to our brand, our stories and our communities.

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The 9 participants are:

Anthony Van Wyk

Jason Ariefdien

Lesego Chadwin Mamashela

Shandre Thompson

Yusha Jones

Mercy Daniels

Maribe Trevor Mokgobu

Tshepo Mothobi

Thabo Kadikodi