24 nOVEMBER 2020

Conversations about the
World Press Photo Contest

with Anna Lena Mehr (Netherlands), Director of Contest at the World Press Photo and Lekgetho Makola(South Africa), Head of Market Photo Workshop and Chair of General Jury Press Photo Contest 2020.

The session is followed by a presentation about World Press Photo and a Q&A with Sanne Schim van der Loeff, Exhibitions Manager and Curator at World Press Photo.

26 nOVEMBER 2020

Photojournalism in Africa in partnership with The Other Vision of Khartoum, Sudan.

Five professionals from around the African continent discuss their experience and views on the role and current state of photojournalism. The panel addresses the ethics of the industry, challenges, representation and the evolution of the medium during this time of rapid political and social changes around the continent.

02 December 2020

Women’s Voices Through the Lens

A discussion centred on black women telling their own stories and reclaiming the African narrative.

The discussion examines the current photojournalistic practice in Africa and its challenges, as well as the World Press Photo Contest. The discussion is also a platform for female photojournalists, documentary photographers, storytellers and visual activists to voice their critique of the current photography discourses in order to frame a future which amplifies women’s voices in photography across the continent. The debate will also ask questions on how black women creatives can be hired or given work based on their capabilities.

Facilitated by Ruth Motau (South Africa). With Fati Abubaker (Nigeria), DeLovie Kwagala (Uganda), Polly Irungu (USA) and Juliette Garms (Netherlands).

09 December 2020

Revolt, Rebellion and Resistance: African Activism in the News

This panel seeks to approach the issue of ‘representation” through a multi-perspectival discussion of artistic and political practices. The speakers will deal with the highly significant topic of Revolt, Rebellion, and Resistance, and the accessibility of images. The panel focuses on the African Youth Activists in the news, on complex intersections between photography and activism, and on the role of diverse media in social activism.

With Jacques Nkinzingabo, DeLovie Kwagala, Rodriguez Iragena and Anthony Obayomi.

11 December 2020

Building New Platforms for New Voices

In the last years there has been a growing number of online initiatives promoting African photographers to the world, breaking away from simplifying representations of the continent and giving them a space to share their stories beyond the barriers of an exclusive media industry. What platforms have been pivotal to this change, creating new space for new voices? And what stories, audiences and responses have they drawn? What challenges and successes have they faced? And what purposes do they share beyond the publishing aspect? It seems that there is also a meaningful community building and support network being nurtured from these platforms. We will also discuss all these questions in relation to the current pandemic, and how it has changed the way we work and interact with each other.

With Juliette Garms, Etinosa Yvonne, KC Nwakalor and Wacera Njagi.

The session is followed by a presentation about World Press Photo and a Q&A with Sanne Schim van der Loeff, Exhibitions Manager and Curator at World Press Photo.