the market photo workshop

Gopolang  Thage

a Photojournalist, Documentary Photographer and artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa

He is passionate about documenting and telling stories of the daily lives of local communities. His work focuses largely on issues of land, spirituality, gender-based violence and migration and how these issues intersect to influence personal identity.

Thage grew up in Soweto. At the age of 11 he used to buy a newspaper every morning to read and look at the photographs. That is when his love for photography began. Looking at photographs everyday taught him to pay attention to what is happening in and around the world.

He studied Photojournalism at The Market Photo Workshop in Newtown, Johannesburg. Thage participated and exhibited in various group exhibitions including THE PORTRAIT SHOW at Through The Lens Collective, Market Photo Workshop and at MANDELE PHOTO GALLERY a local community based gallery.