Intermediate Course in Photography

Full Time
Duration: Twenty Weeks
Two Intermediate Courses will run this year.

Courses commence on the following dates:

IC 23-01 : 17 January 2023 – 09 June 2023

IC 23-02 : 03 July 2023 – 24 November 2023

*These dates are subject to change*

Time: Mon – Fri 09h00 – 17h00
South Africa and the African continent Cost: R11 100.00

International Tuition Fees: R13 650

The Intermediate Course is aimed at preparing students for the creative, conceptual, technical and professional demands of photographic practice. After having completed this course students are able to shoot, process and print photographs at a professional level. By the end of the course students should both have a clear idea of what area of photography they wish to operate in (social documentary, commercial, art/concept), as well as a comprehensive set of skills that will enable them to develop their chosen area of specialisation.

Students will be able to communicate with confidence, start up independent photography businesses, work in Photoshop and Lightroom, be able to navigate social media and use it as a branding tool, work confidently in the studio, and learn how to control light in any situation. Students have the opportunity to conceptualise a project, learning how to create a project proposal, budgeting, and creating an exhibition, enabling them to apply for funding opportunities within the photography industry.