Taaibosch is a 24-year-old photographer from Welkom in the Free State. In 2020, she enrolled in a photography course at BONONO ke BOKAMOSO, which resulted in a successful exhibition. After finishing the course, she practiced her photography talents by taking pictures throughout town. Taaibosch enjoys documentaries, and she hopes to inspire others and share undiscovered tales through her photography. She wants to leave behind pictures that serve as a memory of her life and commitment. Taaibosch is a reserved individual who utilizes photography to engage viewers and alter the world.

Spirituality and Religion

The Bronville Methodist church is a cultural church where all people come together to worship and praise GOD… The Manyano uniform represents their pride, and each component has a special significance. I made a comparison between their outfit and Ephesians 6:11, which instructs us to “Put on the full armor of God so that you can successfully resist the schemes and cunning of the devil.”

Manyano Red club: symbolize the blood of Jesus who sacrificed his life so that through his blood our sins could be washed away.

Pin(Ispeliti) : This is used to cover things up. Symbolically it keeps you from revealing things that others share with you in confidence.

Belt: Being always truthful. The blouse’s fourth button is not on the blouse itself but on the belt. This means that the blouse is incomplete without the belt, it implies therefore that a true Christian should always be truthful.

Shoes: The shoes should have laces. “We tie our laces when we prepare to go out into the world to preach and help lost souls”.

Hat: Serves as a helmet to protect you from the insults which people will hurt you.

White blouse: Represent pureness after being cleaned. “Our blouse has four buttons, and each button represents the wounds of Jesus, two on his hand, one on his feet and one on the belt represent the wound on the chest.

Blouse Pockets: “The blouse has two pockets; in one we keep a handkerchief and in the other one we keep our YWM constitution”. “The handkerchief is symbolic for wiping away the tears of the destitute that we will meet on our journey”.

Black skirt: “Symbolizes the darkness we came from due to being immersed and living in sin”. A skirt is a women’s garment that gives dignity to the one wearing it.

Black robes: It is a technique for diverting attention away from the speaker and onto God. Although they wear different uniforms, when they worship, there is only one voice heard in the sky.