Keamoleboga M is a 27 year old self-taught photographer who is based in the  Northwest,Mahikeng. She graduated with a junior degree in psychology from North West University, where she also participated in a magazine club during her senior year and discovered her passion for storytelling. She established her own freelance business in 2019 and contributed as a camera operator to the PACRA2021 Awards. Although she has not yet discovered her niche, she is eager to investigate and experiment with the things that most interest her.

Black stone the embodiment of faith in the heart of Mafikeng

You are taught to believe in God when you are born into a Christian home, and you have little to no opportunity to explore other religions. I then headed home. Since home was all I knew at the time, I realized that in order to truly comprehend something, I had first understand its origins and the route I unwittingly followed. Three religious rituals that my church engages in to commemorate Jesus Christ’s resurrection were the focus of this essay. The last supper, which is observed on Good Friday to commemorate the final meal that Jesus Christ shared with his apostles before being killed, is the first religious ritual. After the second rehearsal, members are encouraged to choose stones and put life or intention into them. The church elders then pray for them during Mokolokotwane, which comes next.  I felt a sense of belonging as soon as I walked through the doors of my church, and I could feel my body reviving. I made the decision to show the world the energy and life that was there in that area at that time. the reverberation of life. the emotion you experience while praising and worshiping the Lord.  I wanted to express my personal view of religion.  I’m pleased ambivalence came to visit my mind as I was unpacking and realized how much I still don’t know despite what I had previously believed to be true. It provided me the chance to choose Christianity out of my own free will and not because I was raised in it. 

The URCSA (Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa) Lehika Congregation under the leadership of Rev.MG Betha.