Khutso "Motaki" Mmethi

A creative and passionate individual with an outspoken personality that encourages her to learn and explore different career paths that highlights her strong versatile character .An artpreneur and ambassador for the Visual Arts Network South Africa.


Khutso is a committed business owner and we’ll motivated young African woman who aspires to hold a position where she will be able to interact with people on a daily basis, giving and receiving knowledge on our Africanes and encouraging individuals to be aware of their creative aspects through everyday activities. Khutso “Motaki” Mmethi was born in Seshego a, South African township in Polokwane  ,in 1989. My first experiences as an artist was in primary watching Yo-TV with art programs they had at that time. Started using found objects to create frames and pencil holders, drawing patterns and portraits. It was a hobby to me as I didn’t know what art was at that time not knowing I will be one of the African passionate Artists of our generation that are professionals and career driven in the art.


Initially I wanted to study architect as I was doing Technical drawing in High school that was the closest thing to drawing in our schools. Art seeked me spiritually as  I went on to study Fine Arts at the Vaal University of Technology in 2009 where I earned my National Diploma in Fine Art in 2012. During my studies I was doing performance in physical theatre and poetry as extra mural activities.


I was selected to be an intern at the Vaal University Innovation and Engineering Department where they created sculptures using technology which  was here that I further expanded on my knowledge in other forms of exploring the diversity of art through different mediums. where I started doing furniture design and jewellery design.

I have worked at the Polokwane Art Museum as an intern in Museum administration and curatorship.


I work primarily in almost all mediums that expresses the senses of art looking into reviving the African Identity and Aesthetics through fashion, drawing printmaking, sculpturing, fine art, photography, poetry and music.


 I run an arts company “Kayfirm Collections” which transpired into an art boutique and kayfirm Kitchen in Seshego and I currently work from Moletji and around Limpopo were Ive collaborated with a film production as an art director, Kasi flavour (local music show)as presenter, content creator and set designer in Seshego and doing poetry through music with an 5 track Ep on the pipe line.

I Am Not An Object

” Short skirts and shorts are not a please call me for violation to self,

Tights clothes are not an accentuator to the sensual thought of men,

My way of confidence should not be keys to the violation doors u intend to create with my body,

I am dress to self-express, please do not undress me in your thoughts to supress my expressions, I wear not to be objectified for desire, No objects to those thoughts. My curves are not the deviation of your wicked journey that you travel in your thoughts when you see me”

African women have been objectified. Since the slavery days of life. Shaped in voluptuous, curvy, thick slender forms as we became pleasure to the oppressor. Our ” interesting” body shapes made us to become vulnerable to the oppressor. The effects of that has then put a stigma in society of women being pleasure to men to an extend where when are seen by these men already they see me lying on the bed with them on top of me in their head. The name calling

“eh mapaka”

” eh ntana lerago leuwe”

“Tjo mfana okare nka go ja ka nama”

Ah wena monna o nnaganisha ka mokgo mongwe “.


Gender based violence against women and girl children has become a vicious stare in our societies and with men speaking of women provoking perpetrators to violate us because of how we dress. Well is a dipper too revealing to a six months girl infant that was raped?

This has in turn created insecurities in me and in how I dress. I cover up a lot just so I don’t ” provoke” .


With my body of work I am narrating how these men are making me feel and taking ownership of my body and expressing the feminine side of me with pose and saying.

” No I am not an object but a human being” .