Llewellyn Mokgabudi is a 21 years old male, He finished his matric in 2021 at Empucukweni Secondary School, Mokgabudi gained his photography  experience a community project that was brought by the Market Photo Workshop in his home town. He learns on how to tackle issues with photography. He is passionate with photography as it allows him to  express and tell more through photography. His artistic inspirations includes drawing, painting, music production and video production.

Religion and spirituality

Mr Marize is a 37 year old sangoma who is originally from KZN in Jozini ka Mhlaba uya lingana

Mr Marize is well known by the community members as the strongest traditional healer that we have in Vosman, Emalahleni. He helps the community with using traditional medicine. He uses bones that connects him spiritually with ancestors to identify  people’s problems. He helps more than 50 people a week and his work comes highly recommended by his patients that come seeking for help from him .He helps with many things like removing or reversing curses ,heals many diseases ,makes you stronger to protect yourself from witches and even physically fighting strength