Lynne Tasmin Carrol


Carrol is a professional animator, who hails from Mount Frere in the Eastern Cape. Carrol has contributed to Inkanyiso Media as a writer, event photography during exhibitions. At 16 years old, She offered her services as a transcriber for Prof Zanele Muholi best seller faces and phases. She also worked as a runner and research assistant for the Anchor of My Heart documentary by Global Girl Media in 2015. Carrol is currently teaching English and Computer Studies at the Bavulele Ntsikwe Mbokazi (BNM) Art Centre.

About Project

Carrol’s current project is called Tasmin, a Muslim girls name which means: She who fulfills or Home and what exactly constitutes a home.  The work is inspired by the transformation that occurred in 2016 when she returned to the Eastern Cape with her mother. They bought land to build “ikhaya lam lokuqala”. Which led to stereotypes where her mother as a lesbian woman’s ability of heading a household is questioned. Her mother used the portion of the land to build an art Centre to help better the community.