Makgauta Ramokgopa

Magauta Ramokgopa based in Polokwane, originally from Lebowakgomo, a student majoring in mechanical engineering and visual art. I am also a tennis coach to the children in community. I am a visual artist, performance artist, contemporary dancer and photographer at heart. My work has embodied the female anatomy, pushing it to the point of limitations and exploring beyond its boundaries in which has made me discover who I am today. My mediums are pencil, marker, oil paint, acrylic paint, charcoal and pastel.  For me art was what kept me off the streets and raised me throughout my broken childhood, it has given me a home being my biggest achievement.

See Me, See Them, See Me

See Me; starts at home. In a room which to my parents is a solution to my problems. This way I don’t get to deal with the fights at home thus there is no reason I should fail my studies in a period of six months. Leaving out that I have three mental disorders and still healing from a rape trauma.

2m × 4m space that I carved out a home. In the single space filled with “the expectation to find peace of mind” said my father.


A series of medication, panics, a troubled mind. A series of expectations to survive to heal to be okay.


 See Me, See Them; The mirror reflects how I see the them see me. In the public I deal with the people’s gaze. Much like the male gaze, I am depicted as various objects due to my appearance. My choice of clothing, the way I walk, my face to many people is a question mark, a questionable female. The people’s gaze create a cacophony of questions. “WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?” followed by discomfort. “IS THERE SOMETHING ON ME?” and soon my confidence is denoted to a slouch, and my head is hung in shame.  Throughout my entire journey, too afraid to look up, too afraid to stare. Leaving me unwillingly unaware of my surroundings, leaving me with every other sense but one, sight. As if I can smell, touch or hear another violation coming. And so see me, see them, see me but, I cannot see them_