Malefa Mooketsa is a young driven individual with a flow of creativity, she has had an opportunity to work for Mtabani AfrikanQueen Arts Production, where she worked as an Artistic Performer. The Mtabani AfrikanQueen Arts Production created a space for her to be versatile in the artistic world.

While still working in the above-mentioned Arts company, she received an opportunity to study at Movitech East Coast Media where she began her journey in the digital arts sphere in 2018. She than went on to work and train with Mayibuye Digital Arts academy for a moment. After being polished with such great skills in film, media, television, and photography. Mooketsa believes being in the Legacy Project under Market Photo Workshop will exposes her to new opportunities and spaces.


In Exodus 3, the Lord instructed Moses to remove his sandals because he was standing on hallowed ground. When they enter their spiritual places, members of the Zion church adhere to the barefoot rule stated in the scriptures. Psalms 149–150 mention singing and playing musical instruments to praise God; the Zion church contains a cow-skin drum and shakers made of tin and tiny rocks. When older people couldn’t afford to buy the instruments, they made their own instead, and the tradition has persisted ever since. These self-made instruments have grown to be considered a tradition among Zionists.

The Zionist dress code was created as a uniform to identify the church each person belongs to. The various colors also represent a person’s ancestors or angel guardians. The many hues represent various spiritual meanings and can foretell a person’s spiritual gift, healing, and prosperity in life.

The traditional healing in religion happens as a result of some people’s propensity for prophecy and their decision to repay their God in church by healing others there. To signify their status as healers, the Traditional Healers will wear leopard print clothing. Even outside of church, The Healers have places where they can use their skill.

Let’s venture into unfamiliar territory so that we can learn to live outside of our own bubble of familiarity and realize that just because our lights shine in different ways doesn’t necessarily imply they are the brightest.