the market photo workshop

Mandlenkosi Chinula

A Zimbabwean Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker who is trained in Journalism and Media Studies

Working as an independent multimedia journalist in his region has seen some of his work published in publications such as Southern Times Africa, Everyday Zimbabwe  and NewsDay. Mandla recently completed his training with Young African Journalists Acceleration  Program (YAJAP) in ‘cross-border work’ and multimedia journalism held by Journo Africa and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

His work explores social-economic development topics through projects that delve into various subject matters to reveal thinking patterns. In 2018, he worked on a personal project on insect farming and
edible insects with a focus on exploring the socio-economic impact on the Zimbabwean population. He seeks to have audiences rethink, question and adopt new ways of thinking. He is currently studying the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Programme at the Market Photo Workshop.