Maribe Trevor Mokgobu – 25


Maribe Trevor Mokgobu is a South African artist better known as LaTrevor. He is one of the most vital hip hop voices in Riverlea. LaTrevor’s work reflects on Riverlea and expresses youth issues from the community. He is influenced by and draws inspiration for from Riverlea’s creativity. LaTrevor’s socially conscious work is about people and their stories of pain, joy, love, faith, passion and dreams.

LaTrevor’s participation in the Re-Imagining Riverlea: A Participatory Arts Project has been a journey of self-empowerment, growth and a connection with Riverlea and its people. LaTrevor comments, 

“My work for the project is a cry for help; that can we focus on the aspiring and future stars of our community. Let us change the negative mindsets and support youths and their dreams. Let us build a Riverlea full of positivity and not negativity, a Riverlea of attainable dreams.”

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