Mihlali Jaxa


Mihlali Jaxa born 1998, in Khavari Village, Cacadu, in the Eastern Cape. Jaxa is a creative writer, voice-over artist, social media manager and graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree in Communications.He is well acquainted with Canva, Adobe Express and Photoshop for graphics; Splice and Video leap for video-editing and Garage band for voiceovers. His love for photography developed in first year of working as a Communications officer in an agricultural organisation. , Jaxa believes that he has taken over as the family’s’ resident photographer, He drew inspiration from his uncle who used to capture images and videos in funerals. Through the Market Photo Workshop project Jaxa gained informative and eye-opening experience to expand his photography knowledge, to polish and refine the talent. He has used Canon, Sony and Nikon brand, strongly believes that Nikon takes exceptional photographs.

About Project

Ubutyebi bam: An ode to hustlers

When translated to English, ubutyebi is wealthy which is an abundance of valuable possessions, money, or a state of being rich. This project focuses on many definitions of wealth in Lady Frere and Khavara Village. My neighbourhood is full of elderly folks who are struggling to make ends meet, drug-addicted young people without jobs, and others who have become accustomed to expecting government handouts. The lives of people who have the guts to use the tools at their disposal to change their circumstances are highlighted in this body of work. Some people have formed their own enterprises to make money rather than waiting to be hired by a certain corporation. people who sell their cattle and double to put food on the table. This project seeks to empower individuals to carry out their own tasks. While you wait for a steady employment, work at Vuk’uzenzele. Angie turning her plaiting hobby into a fully-fledged business, Trust selling mealies on the street, Dan is a Rastafarian who sells vegetables in his bungalow, Mamsukwini found a solid spot for her sewing business.