Nobuhle Mavundla


Nobuhle Mavundla was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1997 and was raised in Johannesburg. She completed the Advanced Programme in Photography at the Market Photo Workshop in 2018. Mavundla’s interest in photography started in high school when she photographed using her phone. She also volunteered to photograph school and church events, which improved her photography skill. Her poetry writing, drama and dance involvement, have greatly influenced her creative process in photography. She aspires to be a contemporary photographer. The works of Jodi Beiber, Imraan Christian, Kyle Weeks and Carla Liesching inspire her. Her photography is inspired by the things around her and the socio economic issues that affect her indirectly and directly, because her work concerns her own community. She is currently working on an ongoing personal project that she hopes to exhibit and publish soon in her career.