Ntebatse Mafokane

My name is Ntebatse Mafokoane a 19 year female residing in a small village called Ga Maja outside Polokwane. I’m currently studying at the University of Limpopo doing my second year in bachelor’s   administration majoring in  local government. I’m a founder and manager of Protchy Loggerheads Arst and Protchy Loggerheads Apparel, a founder and director of M and M fresh harvest, a member of LEARN organization (NGO) and an assistant at Pleasure Sweet Treats. I’m an active entrepreneur in the University of Limpopo where I entered few competitions and won a prize. I also entered my Creation Africa in top 1000 and obtained position 48. My aspiration is to possess an art gallery, resort and a cinema while  helping upcoming young stars who have potential and interest in visual art to fulfil their dreams.

The Journey to Becoming

My project is based on my father, how he treats me and how the experience broke me emotionally, mentally and psychologically.

I am hopeless and in the dark. If I realize that a person is making a mockery about me I begin to overthink and if the words torture my emotions it brings flashbacks of  all the experiences I have witnessed from my childhood.


Through this project I was able to share my story, it gave me light, hope and freedom to come fourth. I am in the process of fighting the effects of GBV because it’s me vs me at the end of the day. I have to make my family aware that I deserve to be happy and have no judgment about my decisions and the path I want to take. Naturally I’m a loner and I communicate with the moon to give me wisdom. When I sense things and share with my family  of my spiritual calling they think I’m delusional and laugh about it. I then keep quite when things I have sensed happen and suppress my feelings.