Ntethelelo Mobile Journalism (MOJO)

The Ntethelelo Foundation in partnership with the Market Photo Workshop, are pleased to announce the Ntethelelo Images and Mobile Journalism 2021. The participants will be trained how to use mobile phone apps and cameras as a journalistic tool.

Mobile journalism is gaining traction in news rooms and is changing perspectives on the delivery and accessibility of news. It’s rapid, instant and mobile. Mobile Journalism, or MoJo, is now a popular course offered to trained journalists to prepare them for adaptation to new technologies in news reporting. The Ntethelelo Images and Mobile Journalism 2021 focuses on the use of smart mobile phones, and trains participants in visual literacy, technical operation, storytelling and producing, and the safety and ethics of mobile journalism”.

  1. Hlompo Legoabe_13_Grade 7
  2. Celeste Simbini_16_Grade 10
  3. Susan Pilusa_15_Grade 11
  4. Onele Fayo_18_Grade 11
  5. Lebogang Lekalakala_16_Grade 11
  6. Grace Seako_13_Grade 11
  7. Phuti Matsi_16_Grade 11
  8. Khanya Sibango_13_Grade 9
  9. Wendy Nkuna_15_Grade 9
  10. Tiyane Mtileni_13_Grade 8
  11. Judith Rathaha_17_Grade 11
  12. Nhlamulo Mdaka_16_Grade 10
  13. Vukona Honwana_13-Grade 7
  14. MkatekoNdlovu_17_Grade 11 
  15. Jabulile Mhlambi_13_Grade 8
  16. Nonhle Sibanda_10_Grade 4
  17. Strawza_10_Grade 4

12 – 15  January


Meet top talent in a unique 2-day experience in Los Angeles. Get involved with a new way of thinking about the future and make valuable connections.

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tara victoria

Designer Hatch and Hatson

peter wilson

CD Lakewood Church

anita hood

Hoodzpah Design Co

Brad Weaver

Partner & Ceo at Nine Labs

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pachaco center

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12 - 15 january

Conference 2018

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