Ponani Mukhansi “Ocean”

My name is Ponani Mukhansi “Ocean”.Born in 1995 at Nkowankowa township outside Tzaneen.I started drawing in 2008 when I was 13, in primary art was a hobby. When I went to high school got introduced to bigger space in art industry. 2012-won avuxeni computer academy art competition got first place, 2013-Attended and participated in the first ever South African international muralist encounter from 18-24 September 2016-won letaba show art competition, Attended second international mural encounter hosted by Greater Tzaneen Municipality 2019-Exibited in Polokwane Art Museum Did commissioned portraits for high profile celebrities and politicians like Tito Mboweni, King Monada and Dj fresh.

I’m inspired by African portraits through interacting the story of identity, history and culture. My current working is photography.

Don't Sexualize Me

My body of work focus on my personal experience through sexuality and gender based violence. In 2008 had an incident were I was violented by gay man. They surprised me with a kiss wearing a lipstick, the incident almost got me into a fight. As a model and body builder most homosexual males find me attractive  and they can sometimes comment nasty things on social media that makes me insecure and having so many why’s. “Why are they finding me attractive?” My work focuses on the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of my life were I photograph the memories, my body and clothes. I am viewed as a homosexual in society.