I'm Sandiswa Ndibongo

Sandiswa Ndibongo is a 24 year old female, who grew up in Embalenhle Mpumalanga. She went to Kiriyatswane Secondary School. Ngibongo is a hard worker, with good communication skills and enjoys working with other people. She has worked in various retail companies as a general worker. Her photography project is inspired by Mr Ntokozo Mthembu, who is a founder of Dinaledi football club and Emba squad. Ndibongo drew social impact in Mr Mthembu’s work, as his project started in 2002.


“The social part is taking others’ perspectives, demonstrating empathy and compassion: all in all Mr Mthembu changed the development of young of boys in our community. This team has helped my brother a lot not only physically but to develop as a human being. Before he joined the team he was not participating in anything he used to walk around with bad crew but now he’s improving even at school his marks are good”.