Bafana Zembe Caption

Founding Director of Nazo Arts, Bafana Zembe, is based in Johannesburg and works as an artist, curator and educator.

His arts practice, as well as photography projects, focus on issues of heritage, identity, education and skills transfer.

Nazo! Arts was founded in 2015. It’s core business are exhibitions coordination, skills development training projects and photography.

In collaboration with the group exhibition, She Bad Bad, Nazo! Arts and Zembe came in as installation curator.

Bafana is interested in helping curators transform and bring their ideas to life. He has been collaborating with the Market Photo Workshop exhibitions department for 11 years. Some exhibitions he has worked on are namely Woza Sisi by photographer Dahlia Maubane, and ICON; a portrait paintings exhibition.

This content is part of an ongoing series in collaboration with the She Bad Bad team and the Market Workshop’s Public programmes department, Nazo! Arts and Projects.

Supported by : Nazo! Arts, OSF, Market Photo Workshop

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