Brittany Zoë Masters

Meet Brittany Zoë Masters, a photographer from Johannesburg who specialises in collage making, using her family archive as a place to draw inspiration. Masters is part of the She Bad Bad group exhibition, which is currently showing at the Market Photo Workshop

Brittany is not only interested in exploring her family archive but she has interest in understanding  archives and how the system of archiving works.

The video above was filmed by Brittany’s brother, Israel, taking us through Brittany’s collage making process. 

This content is part of an ongoing series in collaboration with the She Bad Bad team, the Market Photo Workshop, Nazo! Arts and Projects. 

Supported by : French Institute of South Africa, Nazo! Arts, Open Society Foundations – South Africa and Market Photo Workshop.  

Which other artists come to mind when you think of collage making in South Africa?

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