Student 2020

George Mphoko


George Mphoko is a self-taught photographer, born in Johannesburg, and raised in Soshanguve, Pretoria. He studied at the Market Photo Workshop in Newtown, Johannesburg.

Georges’s pictures are a consequence of his mental space; a reflection of how his past experiences have influenced his frame of reference and how he relates to his immediate environment. The camera lens becomes a mouthpiece - a tool through which he can not only express his thoughts and emotions, but also bring people into a world and ultimately experience it with him, in each image captured.

He has a grandmother who has always been a hero to him, because he noticed how much she brings peace amongst himself and his siblings, and how creating fashion as tailor would calm her down. Growing up, George noticed the pattern of disagreements amongst himself and siblings. She created a space for everyone to feel comfortable, and feel the need to talk about anything that bothered them, during situations in the family. This was a motivation for him as photographer, who never spoke his thoughts, but felt the need to visually express himself.

Thus, he began photography in 2018, after he was inspired by his experiences and figured it can turn it into a language that he would express what he was feeling either about the past, future, or how he felt at that present moment. This led him to street photography where he tries to create visuals depicting his experiences but also using fashion as a voice of expression.

“My pictures are who I am, what I feel and how deeply I feel it; or perhaps just a reflection of what the world has made me...Keep an open mind.”
May 2020