Vukona Honwana

My project is about how people abuse alcohol and how it affects our younger brothers and sisters and community members. The project is also about how the community members get confused and disturbed by alcoholics they make the whole community to feel unsafe because they fight against each other. Also, it is about how can we help people who abuse alcohol, getting them professional help from social workers or talking to someone they trust.


I am going to interview a young woman who was also disturbed by alcoholics. Her name is Thabiso Mananmela, a girl who is 14 years old. This girl is no longer believing in herself because she has a neighbor whois an alcoholic when he is drunk, he beats up his wife and he turns up the music and it makes this young lady uncomfortable because she can’t study because she gets disturbed by him making noise.


I interviewed another young lady her name is Tlangelani Ndlovu, she talks about how her neighbor is complaining about people who abuse alcohol because they make her newborn baby not comfortable and now, she cannot sleep and rest because of music.