Wills Latakgomo

My name is Wills Latakgomo and I am an inspiration to my surrounding community, a brother, son and a friend.


I am a visual artist from Zebediela(ZB), self taught have a lot of experience in the art world. My work is based on feeling and emotions, I draw, paint also doing mixed medium sculptures.


2014 I become part of the family at Polokwane art museum then after 3 years in observing, learning and practice I joined the Polokwane live art vibes. I exhibited multiple times also attended 3 workshops and once became a semi-finalist. Therefore am still doing what allows me to be the person I am and touching souls via my work

Different Perspective of Man

I chose this topic in relating to what is occurring since back in days till today, that most man don’t have the voice in putting it out there that not all man have a hand in gander based violence.


In the scale of 10 I would say 4/10 of man are changing their ways and making awareness but in a very low pace therefore that makes it hard for us man to be sported as supporters and later on we become painted it the some paint as those who harm females

We wish to see in the some eye ..so that all of our male kind can see women’s as treasures of this world and we support you.