Zanele Lebaka


Zanele Lebaka, is a self-taught photographer from Aliwal North in Walter Sisulu Municipality. Her intentions are to create photographs that evoke emotion and tell authentic stories about where she comes from. She  aims to capture raw moments, diverse perspectives, and the inherent beauty that often goes unnoticed. Her  biggest dreams is to own a gallery that uplifts black artists. Lebaka wants to create a space where creative art can be celebrated, appreciated by the world. She believes that creating a platform that will encourage black artists to create and evolve is way of her giving back to the community. Lebaka is sending out an invitation as she navigates the beautiful world through lens, sharing stories, redefining art and making a lasting impact one frame at a time.

About Project

Breaking chains and embracing Identity: A journey of decolonization.

In a world shaped by systems and norms, there are individuals who challenges the status quo and redefining their own identity. This essay follows  Refiloe “Papi” Thoane, a Rastafarian man who has decolonized himself from shackles and societal expectations. Through his unique journey, he defies stereotypes, relying on his diverse skills to not only survive but thrive. He is a highly devoted to his culture, a very spiritual individual. Thoane faces a lot of misconceptions in society and mild injustices but he hardly dwells on them. He is a seasoned poet, novice photographer, skilled dreadlock technician and overall artist, all listed assured him a steady income. For someone who lives without qualifications, he has crafted a unique path for himself. May his story inspire you to break free from chains of conformity, challenge societal norms and overcome adversity and ultimately strive for personal empowerment.