Looking at Food at the Yeoville Market

My first encounter with the Yeoville Market was very interesting. I noticed similarities in the food in the market and the food I know to be my cultural foods, that is the Vha-venda culture. What was even more interesting was the fact that these foods were imported from other African countries such as Nigeria, Maputo etc. I was happy that I could now enjoy cooking and eating these vegetables like Phuri, Delele, Thebe, Phonda without having to travel all the way home. This discovery led me to explore the similarities in the food of my culture and the food in the market, as well as also looking at the other foods that are not similar to my culture but are interesting to me. Besides culture, religion also plays a big role in deciding what we can and cannot eat. Personally, religion has been an important part of my existence and therefore has a huge role to play in my life. For example, being a Christian has taught me that there are foods we can and cannot eat and the reasons are explained in the bible. So in this project, I look for things around the market that relate to religion.