The cosmetic and beauty

While everyone was focusing on the consumables of the Yeoville Market and its surroundings, I came across a stall with a variety of beauty products such as ranges of make-up kits, nail products, perfumes, skincare – both facial and body, catering for both men and women. As a photographer with an interest in commercial photography, I was immediately drawn to this stall. I photographed the stall and its different products in a manner reminiscent of product shots. This was interesting to me because it showed another side to the market that I least expected, one in the service of beauty, the cosmetic beauty which is actually one of the market’s mainstream services. The stall is kept by Fifi, a middle-aged woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is a mother who has been in South Africa for three years and has not been back home since her arrival, however keeps contact with her children.