Never quite there


This body of work explores a series of thoughts and real-life situations I go through on a daily basis. While going through these photographs, I hope the viewer experiences my emotions. I don’t value your money; I value your acceptance and loyalty. Here is my pain and thoughts put in photographs. I put my all into this, and hope that it will help cure or at least numb your depression. This body of work explores themes such as emotional and mental stability and instability. The work depicts times where I get overwhelmed with so many feelings at once and periods of utter silence and peace, peace being relative. From personal experience, there is no peace. There are points throughout the day where I am filled with so much excitement then suddenly, I feel so depressed. It is an ongoing cycle throughout my life. In social settings or everyday life, I often wonder if I am being my true self or if my emotions are taking over. People are constantly asking me, “are you high?” which makes me wonder if I’ve said too much, too little or If I should have kept my mouth shut. There are days where I’m uninspired and don’t want to do anything, all I want to do is sit down or just lay in bed.  However, in moments where I feel free, I make photographs relating to all these experiences and emotions.