Closed on Sunday


A few Sundays ago, on my way back from picking up some groceries and essential goods. I stumbled upon a group of guys playing soccer whilst some were complaining about how unbearable it is to stay home and obey lockdown regulations when where they stay, they have to share a small living space.

During hot sunny days, it’s almost impossible for some of them to stay indoors. Then there’s the part that speaks to the need for social engagement and participation in sport, particularly street soccer to keep sane without alcohol, social engagement and participation in communal activities.

Some of the folks in the poorer communities are finding it very difficult to obey the laws and cope with the mental and economical tension that they are faced with from home due to the lockdown.

At first glance, one would assume that they are simply acting out in an attempt to rebel against government laws when in actual reality they are simply trying to deal with themselves and the environment during these testing times.

In summary, this series is looking at ways people are coping with the lockdown in my neighbourhood. In this case, it is through exercise/football. And importantly the physical environment/apartment buildings where people live.

With church buildings being closed and the government banning public gatherings, some people are practising faith and spirituality from the comfort of their own homes to strengthen their mental health and relationship with God through prayer and meditation techniques.