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12 Jun 2020


[spacer height=”20px”] Growing up at my grandmother’s place gave me a different perspective of home. The love and care she gave to me and my younger sibling was loving and caring with a bit of strictness. This shaped my view of home. In my view, in order for a home […]

27 May 2020

Mommy: Her Voice

[spacer height=”20px”] Sun gon rise, Sun gon shine Sun gon set Sun gon rise, Sun gon shine Sun gon set I feel sorry for the both of us I don’t mean to hurt your feelings Im sorry, Im going through it Lets go get those Jordans you wanted Cause I […]

27 May 2020

The hood is home

[spacer height=”20px”] Since this lockdown started, I haven’t spent even a single day locking myself at home. Police keep roaming around my hood and all me and my neighbours do is just to run away as soon as they appear.  

27 May 2020


[spacer height=”20px”] The work focuses on my family in Phola Park, Thokoza , where I live. The idea of being locked in at home and being separated from one another as if we are strangers, where we are prisoners in our own spaces. I imagine that if one of my […]

27 May 2020


[spacer height=”20px”] Home is where you are. Home is where your essence is. Home is not physical. Home is where you lay your head. Home is what gives you butterflies. My body of work focuses on home as a subjective place/meaning that can be different for everyone. It explores what […]