Alumni 2019

Nelisiwe Nkosi


Nelisiwe Nkosi is Soweto born photographer, born June 1999. She grew up in a large extended family with two siblings, a brother and a sister. She matriculated in 2016 from Azara Secondary School in Lenasia, obtaining a bachelors pass with two distinctions. Nelisiwe loves writing, mostly poetry. She was always intrigued by images despite not understanding them clearly, she has however learnt to take them herself and analyze them. Nkosi’s career and education in photography began in 2017 when she studied the Foundation Course and the Intermediate Course at the market Photo Workshop. She continued with the Advanced Programme in Photography in 2019. Photography led her from isolation into a space where she got to be around people and to relate to them. Nkosi would like to photograph social issues. She is deeply concerned with the effect rape has on young people who live with the fact that they remain statistics. She would like to investigate that change in behavior and how rape survivors long to have a voice but are too afraid to speak out. She would also like to focus on young fame and how it changes teenagers who had normal lives but were put under the spotlight and had to adapt to their lives being in the public. She hopes to have her work published in newspapers and magazines so she can convey her message. Nkosi’s photography includes her telling of her personal stories, her life. She documents particular details of her childhood life focusing on how it has influenced her adult life. Nkosi is a visual storyteller, through contemporary art she is learning to combine her love of poetry with her photography.
January 2020