Break Even



The work that I am interested in and do a lot of is work dealing with issues of rape and other social issues, this is based on personal experiences as much as it is a global issue. My one biggest interest is using self-portraiture to speak about a lot of social issues and tell all these stories. I would also like to use poetry in combination with photography. What started as a personal healing journey for me slowly began to involve other people and speak to larger issues than myself.


You reborn.

You cut at the waist.

You killed.


Me living.

Me bleeding at the bottom.

Me cut at the waist.


You shadow of me.

You ghost of innocence.

Me waving goodbye.

Me seeing you die..


You gone

Me forgotten.




This is a story about trauma that re-established itself through silence. I was raped as a teenager and I remembered it clearly for so long and yet I never spoke up or told my family about what had happened. It was only when I picked up the camera that I started this conversation firstly with myself. I move it to others slowly with this project attempting to show the conversation that happens within.