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19 May 2020


[spacer height=”20px”] Stay at home and stay safe, Save lives by social distancing. Knock!! Knock!! Knock!! Who is it? OH NO!! Mama. Are you self-Isolating?? Have you forgotten your Hand-to-Mouth existence??? The man said no work no pay! Kids, No school tomorrow. But Mama the School feeding scheme assisted us! […]

24 Jan 2020

Room Divider

  Room Divider is a photographic essay that looks at the relationships between immediate family members. The work I make is a reflective journey, the commentary suggested by the work is a subjective perspective, of my lived experiences as a black woman, as a mother, and as a daughter. The […]

24 Jan 2020

Drag with a purpose, celebrate diversity.

        “Drag is the art of transformation, it is an expression of oneself through performance”. Chante Harries, an experienced drag queen from Parkwood (Cape Town), is the showpiece of “drag with a purpose, celebrate diversity”, an initiative launched with an aim to rehabilitate young women involved in […]

22 Jan 2020

Break Even

    The work that I am interested in and do a lot of is work dealing with issues of rape and other social issues, this is based on personal experiences as much as it is a global issue. My one biggest interest is using self-portraiture to speak about a […]

20 Sep 2019

Do you see now?

    She said nobody will ever want you. She said I inconvenienced her life. “The only reason you are still here is that I have no idea where to toss you.” She called me a thing. “Do you see now” is based on my difficult relationship with my mother. […]