Category : portraits

19 May 2020


[spacer height=”20px”] Stay at home and stay safe, Save lives by social distancing. Knock!! Knock!! Knock!! Who is it? OH NO!! Mama. Are you self-Isolating?? Have you forgotten your Hand-to-Mouth existence??? The man said no work no pay! Kids, No school tomorrow. But Mama the School feeding scheme assisted us! […]

24 Jan 2020

Room Divider

  Room Divider is a photographic essay that looks at the relationships between immediate family members. The work I make is a reflective journey, the commentary suggested by the work is a subjective perspective, of my lived experiences as a black woman, as a mother, and as a daughter. The […]

21 Jan 2020

Studio Portraits

  I have been learning about studio photography and its controlled lighting. The controlled environment has brought me peace, what I found with the studio is that it’s a place where I can just relax and create. Outside the studio, there is a lot going on like people, cars and […]

10 Sep 2019


Underlying my work is the desire to learn more about empathy, sympathy, and compassion, and to convey these human traits in a way that impacts lives. My choice of subject is rooted in intuition and is propelled by a reflective desire to understand myself as a young black woman. As […]

09 Sep 2019

Township Cleaners

  This work focuses on the aspect of how some people’s trash can turn into gold, looking at how far these guys come from just to open and close our bins. I have chosen this concept because I was always exposed to township cleaners but didn’t pay much attention to […]