Category : gender

24 Jan 2020

Drag with a purpose, celebrate diversity.

        “Drag is the art of transformation, it is an expression of oneself through performance”. Chante Harries, an experienced drag queen from Parkwood (Cape Town), is the showpiece of “drag with a purpose, celebrate diversity”, an initiative launched with an aim to rehabilitate young women involved in […]

22 Jan 2020

Break Even

    The work that I am interested in and do a lot of is work dealing with issues of rape and other social issues, this is based on personal experiences as much as it is a global issue. My one biggest interest is using self-portraiture to speak about a […]

20 Jan 2020

Out of work

  Out of work is a photographic series reflecting on phases I experienced living with my partner. While I am a full-time student, she is a full-time employee. The roles and responsibilities in our household have shifted drastically. Change has never been easy anyhow; such situations can be strenuous because […]

11 Sep 2019


  The Yeoville market is filled with food, clothing and people. Of course it would have been the easier way of representing the Yeoville market as a whole with human features in my work. But with the harassment I was getting there from male stallholders, I had to think on […]

10 Sep 2019


Underlying my work is the desire to learn more about empathy, sympathy, and compassion, and to convey these human traits in a way that impacts lives. My choice of subject is rooted in intuition and is propelled by a reflective desire to understand myself as a young black woman. As […]