Out of work


Out of work is a photographic series reflecting on phases I experienced living with my partner. While I am a full-time student, she is a full-time employee. The roles and responsibilities in our household have shifted drastically. Change has never been easy anyhow; such situations can be strenuous because it’s a new life experience and I have to figure out how to keep our relationship healthy, protect our hearts and save our souls. Being a traditional man, I have to experience another side of being a man in urban spaces. This is not about bragging about shamefulness but it’s an eye-opening experience about serious challenges that some women and men face every day, this is my personal experience. Through this situation I learned to be very much handy at home; conducting minor house maintenance, cutting down expenses by controlling impulse buying, fixing broken accessories, cleaning the house, doing the laundry and cooking meals almost every day. I believe with all of the above we will be able to meet each other halfway. There are things which are better than money. I think attitude is one of them. Every problem has a solution only if we perhaps change our attitude. Sharing my story is about healing my emotions, talking about things some men never feel comfortable talking about and maybe somehow I might touch somebody who is in a similar situation. In this photographic series, I decided to photograph things I do when I am at home and even things I do when I have sleepless nights. With all of these things, I am trying to explain to men whilst being open about some situations. Maybe if we are open about our situations we might find healing somewhere and play a part in reducing women abuse.